WiFiSky 3000 USB Adapter 15dBi Omni Wifi Antenna 15m



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WiFiSky 3000

  • Model: WifiSkyUSB 3000mW Chip Ralink 3070
  • Norm Wireless: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • USB 2.0 standard
  • Velocity: 802.11b: UP to 11Mbps / 802.11g: UP to 54Mbps / 802.11n: UP to 150Mbps
  • System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, Linux, Mac
  • Support S/W AP
  • Segurity: WEP 64/128; 802.1X; WPA; WPA-PSK; WPA II
  • Chipset: Ralink 3070
  • Frecuencies: 2.400 ~ 2.4835 GHz
  • Channels: 1~11 channels ( North America ) / 1~13 channels ( General Europe) / 1~14 channels (Japan)
  • Modulation: BPSK,QPSK, CCK and OFDM
  • Antenna: 2.4Ghz 11dBi RP-SMA connector
  • Connector: USB 2.0 mini USB


  • Increase the Range of your Wi-Fi setup Outdoors.
  • 5km Outdoor Range
  • 360 Degree Horizontal Coverage
  • Gain 15dBi
  • 6 Degree Vertical Coverage
  • Frequency 2.4GHz
  • N-Female Connector
  • Impedance 50 Ohm
  • VSWR < 1.5:1
  • Material Fiber
  • Dimensions: 1740x25mm
  • Includes Mounting Hardware

  • WifiSky 3000MW USB Adapter Omni 11dBi

    WifiSky 3000MW USB Adapter with 11dBi Omnidirectional Antenna

    The WiFiSKY USB device allows users to use the standard 802.11b / g and n at 150Mbps speed on the 2.4GHz band.
    This high power USB network adapter, greatly improves the stability of the connection
    The Wifi signal booster WiFiSKY also includes a utility to scan for available networks, and configure your usual connection parameters.
    • 2.4GHz frequency band
    • 802.11b + 802.11g + 802.11n
    • Compliant with USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus Rev. 2.0)
    • High speed (TX) 150Mbps
    • Advanced wireless security
    • Great coverage 3000mW
  • WiFi Antenna 15dBi OmniDirectional Outdoor

    WiFi Antenna 15dBi OmniDirectional Outdoor

    Expand your Wireless Coverage Outdoors! The High Power Wifi Antenna 15dBi OmniDirectional for outdoor use is designed to increase the signal strength and range of your 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n WiFi device in all directions. The high gain antenna provides Wifi devices, such as routers, access points, adapters, repeaters and bridges, with more powerful point to multipoint, Wifi coverage. This Omni Antenna directs the wireless signal in a 360 degree pattern for a boost in wireless range and performance outdoors.
    This high gain antenna concentrates your WiFi devices signal in all directions to cover long distances.

    The High Power Outdoor Antenna includes everything you need to mount the antenna outdoors on a wall or on a pole.

    • Extend coverage of your wireless network in all directions
    • Rugged weatherproof construction with corrosion resistance
    • High gain antenna for long range connections - 5km
    • Covers 360 degree
    • Wall and pole mounting brackets included
  • WiFi Cable n-male to r-sma female connectors 10m

    WiFi Cable n-male to r-sma female connectors 10m

    H155 low loss cable with n male and r-sma female connector.
    Coax cable for antennas with n female connectors and WLAN USB Adapter
    from Alfa Network, TP Link, WiFiSky... devices with r-sma male connectors.